Navigating Competency with SkillBuilder

Rachel Lallouz

I understand what competency is now, so what are my next steps?

At Basecorp, we'll build your dream employee training package, online courses, classroom resources, company standards or more - we'll work to meet whatever your needs are, all within the context of building competency into training, learning and working at your organization.

Using our competency-based learning model, we can carefully craft any kind of learning resource you need through the attentive, passionate work of our expertly staffed learning resource development team.


You can read more about our competency-focused learning resource development, in which we:

Design: Create a road map of the learning program, figuring out the best delivery and evaluation methods.

Develop: Build the program with many check-ins along the way to ensure your satisfaction.

Implement: Deliver the training program in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Evaluate: Measure results and ensure all learning objectives are met for you.

This is the third article in a three-part series covering Chapter 2 of our Skilling Up textbook. To access other articles in this series, please navigate below.

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Rachel Lallouz

Rachel is our Writer/Book Development Coordinator and uses her experience in the fields of communication, editing and journalism to craft work that fits the flexible needs of BaseCorp and its clients. Her knowledge base has been shaped by her degrees in English and education. Rachel is originally from Vancouver, and is currently at work on her doctoral degree. In her spare time, Rachel is an avid cyclist and lover of all outdoor activities.