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SkillBuilder® takes pride in offering a best-in-class LMS application that delivers anytime, anywhere learning. We offer pricing plans that scale up or down depending on your number of active users.

Want to develop course content for your learners? Our team of instructional designers, graphic artists and eLearning development specialists has a proven track record of creating interactive and engaging courseware for both online and offline learning.

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We are proud to offer

Custom Content Development

Develop learning resources on the topics you need.

Evaluations and Assessments

Evaluate learners using online tests, on-job evaluations, case studies, scenarios and more.

Content Management

Upload your documents, videos, exams and even links to online content.

User Management

Automate training, assign users different roles, and set up learning groups and administrators.

Custom Branding

Customize the appearance of your online courses and the LMS with your own brand.

Unlimited Storage

Access a secure environment, hosted on a leading cloud service provider, where you own your data.

Learning Path

Mix eLearning courses, offline learning experiences, and evaluations into meaningful learning paths.

Course Catalog

Create and personalize your training catalog so learners can browse, enroll and pay for courses.

SCORM & xAPI Tin Can Compliant

Support the latest international learning standards for building online courses.

Learning Plans

Create personalized, user-friendly learning plans


Sell your courses using the method of payment your users prefer.

Tracking and Reporting

Report on who has completed particular learning, or who hasn't.

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