Regulated Certifications

SkillBuilder® products and services are designed to support and evaluate knowledge, the practical application of a skill, and to continue to test the application of the skill to ensure that the learner continues to use it.

SkillBuilder® can help you regulate your industry training requirements

Does your industry have regulated training requirements? At SkillBuilder®, the bedrock of our products and services is competency, that is, ensuring your learners can perform to an established standard. This approach lends itself well to a regulated certification program, allowing you to ensure your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to safely complete their duties.

In addition to our online courses and evaluation tools, features such as scheduled requalifications, tracking and reporting, and recognition tools will allow you to monitor your employees' progress through any certification program and ensure they stay current with regulatory requirements.

Why SkillBuilder® for Regulated Certifications?

Automate Training

Map your organization and assign training automatically by department or roles.


Send automatic activity and reminder notifications.

Evaluations and Assessments

Evaluate learners using secure online tests, on-job evaluations and more.

Learning Plan

Create personalized, user-friendly learning plans.


Deliver your learning programs using a true multilingual learning management system.


Integrate with your existing applications to quickly import and export data.

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