Skilling Up

Implementing a Competency-Based Learning Program


Skilling Up is a comprehensive guide for successfully developing and implementing your own competency-based learning program. Our textbook exemplifies the science of adult education, and is supported by meticulous, current research in this field as well as in the critical areas of organizational behaviour and competency-based learning. Structured into 18 easily readable chapters that detail the specific steps for program implementation, Skilling Up provides you with the practical tools and theoretical knowledge to apply our cutting-edge approach for competency-based learning at your organization.

Competency-based learning is a specific type of training model that focuses on standardized learning, ensuring that entire groups of people can be carried through the same process of learning to meet the same, high-level standard of understanding as everyone else. As we explain in Skilling Up, a competency-based learning program will strengthen the knowledge, skills and attitudes of individuals at your organization.

Who Benefits from Implementing a Competency-Based Learning System

Skilling Up is an integral textbook for colleges and universities, private corporations, associations and non-profit organizations. Our textbook engages a wide readership of learners who are seeking to better understand the principles of competency-based learning. You may be interested in implementing a full competency-based learning program at your organization, or you may require a formalized textbook to consult for various aspects of the implementation process.

By engaging competency-based learning at your organization, you will ensure tailored learning development, assessment of learning requirements and detailed tracking and recording of performance.

Skill Acquisition
Improved Training
Increased Performance
Authentic Assessments
Effective Tracking

Six Highlighted Chapters

To gain a deeper understanding of Skilling Up, we invite you to review the following introductory sections for a few highlighted chapters.

Describe the Competency-based Learning Program

Explore the theoretical principles that inform competency-based learning.

Describe Change Management

Change is an integral part of implementing competency-based learning. Discover how you will utilize change management for program implementation.

Describe the Skill Profile

The skill profile is a strategic tool identifying the specific skill sets required for a certain position. This chapter will teach you how to develop a skill profile.

Describe Leadership

Consider an in-depth description of leadership principles that assist the implementation of a competency-based learning program.

Describe the Development and Change Process

This chapter explains how you will build and implement the development and change process in its entirety.

Describe the Learning Management System (LMS)

Increase your understanding of the learning management system (LMS)—a software application that hosts, delivers, tracks and reports on competency-based learning.