SkillBuilder® LMS

Automating your entire training program, including course delivery, registration, assignments, reporting and more.

Sound Familiar?

  • Ineffective training courses
  • Low participation
  • Lack of consistency
  • Hard-to-update courseware
  • Insufficient reporting options

Whatever your training challenge, SkillBuilder® can help. Watch our short video to learn more.

Want to know more about Learning Management Systems (LMS), their benefits, and how they can be used to solve your training needs?

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SkillBuilder® is an easy to use, flexible Competency-based Learning Management System used to deliver engaging training programs that address your business needs.

SkillBuilder® LMS allows learners to access learning content and complete assessments through the internet on any modern computer or mobile platform anywhere, anytime. Customizable Learning Plans provide for personalized learning experiences.

An LMS should allow you to deliver all types of content in a consistent manner across your organization.

SkillBuilder® LMS doesn't just support online learning, it supports all types of learning including webinars and seminars, and on-the-job training and evaluation. Upload your existing content in any format including SCORM, xAPI (TinCan), PDFs, videos, PowerPoints, etc. to get your training programs up and running quickly - An Instructional Designer's dream!

Create and personalize your training so learners can browse, enroll, and pay for courses.

SkillBuilder® LMS supports organizations who are looking to deliver internal employee training and organizations looking for a revenue stream. Our LMS has a fully integrated storefront with a customizable catalog and ecommerce capability with discounting and tiered pricing options.

Good analytics and reports ensure your training program is meeting the objectives and goals of your organization.

SkillBuilder's reporting functions can be customized to meet all of your reporting requirements and provide data on downloads, online assessments, certifications, individual learning progress, and so much more.

Other Features:

Blended Learning

Mix eLearning courses and offline learning experience to support your training.

Testing and Assessment

Evaluate learners using secure online tests, on-job evaluations and more.


Customize the appearance of your learning program, using your logo and colors.


Customized dashboards for learners and administrators, view key performance indicators at a glance and allows for quick access to key LMS functionality.

User Management

Automate training, assign various administrative roles, organize groups into users, and track learners' progression as they complete their learning.


Use our robust tracking and reporting features to monitor how learners progress through your learning program.


Generate revenue by selling your courses. Generate custom discount codes, cross-promote products during checkout, use the payment gateway of choice, etc.

Advanced Catalog

Offer an on-demand library of courses available to your learners. Promote corporate training and create a catalog of courses learners can choose from.

Open Badges

Digital recognition of learning that allows learners to share their achievements on social media.

Continuing Education Credits

Customize the hours in a Continuing Education Unit and deliver customized Continuing Education Credits certification and certificates.


Monthly or annual pre-user subscription options, enterprise licensing options, and shared revenue licensing options.


Configure points, rank learners and award badges for learning achievements.


Supports all types of learners including those with visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments.


Integrate with your existing applications to quickly import and export data.


New online discussion board promotes community and social connection among users.


Context-sensitive online help, searchable help articles, phone, email and chat Help Desk support for Administrators.

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Test, trial, and explore our easy to use learning management system for 21 days and see what your learning program with SkillBuilder® LMS could look like!