On-the-Job Training

Completing a practical on-the-job component in which learners are provided a demonstration or coaching and then given the opportunity to practice that skill is a key step in ensuring your employees are competent high performers.

SkillBuilder® provides the on-the-job tools you need for effective onboarding

Let us help you develop experiential activities for your learners based at the actual location where they will be working. By exposing learners to the ‘business as usual’ situations – real customers, peers, supervisors, real products, and services – that they will continue to deal with once training is completed, you can ensure that they are receiving the training they need in order to be successful.

  • A variety of customizable learning items, from downloads to seminars and webinars to practical evaluations, to best suit the needs of each learner
  • A record of the onboarding process
  • Ongoing access to learning materials (reducing onboarding overload!)
  • Recognition for accomplishments and achieved milestones
  • Engagement tools and social learning through, for instance, forums for new employees which can be seamlessly integrated into the LMS

1.0 - Access Learning Resources

Learners use a personal User ID to access the learning requirements for their specific job. This collection of tiles identifies the knowledge and skills to be completed. Colours, notifications, and views reflect the status of the folder. When learners have identified the skill that they want to work on, they point and click to access the resources for that skill. Resources may include technical descriptions, standard operations procedures, computer based training, etc.

2.0 - Access Learning Resources and Support

The learning resources help learners meet the learning objectives and prepare for the knowledge evaluation. Learners are encouraged to read descriptions, review procedures or other documents, attend seminars or webinars, and consult with experienced personnel.

3.0 - Complete Knowledge Evaluation

The final test is designed to confirm mastery of the knowledge portion of the skill. Learners are encouraged to use a waiting period after an unsuccessful test attempt to review materials and work through the test again. Completing the online test successfully turns the learning item green indicating competency in the knowledge component.

4.0 - Participate in On-Job Demonstration

The learner approaches a designated coach for the practical demonstration. This demonstration will be completed using the target performance standard, along with the learning guide and any other relevant learning resources.

5.0 - Practice with Coaching

The practice time is established according to the type of task or the skill required. Practice is required to develop the learner’s ability to perform the skill on the job and reinforce best practices on the job. Learners are encouraged to get feedback and input from peers as they practice.

6.0 - Complete On-Job Evaluation

Evaluation includes a review of the important knowledge requirements, especially hazards and precautions. The practical portion of the evaluation will be completed by a competent team member or supervisor with direct reference to the checklist and performance standards.

7.0 - Update Learning Records

The administrator and designated supervisor(s) have security access to enter the practical completion date for learners, thereby changing the practical component of the folder(s) from orange to green indicating that competency has been achieved for that skill.

8.0 - Recertification/Continuous Evaluation

If a learning item needs to be re-certified, it will change from green to red on the date of expiry. At that point, learners are notified that they must re-complete that particular skill. And in situations where it is important to conduct ongoing evaluations to ensure a standard of performance, evaluators can complete multiple evaluations for a particular skill.

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