Learning Resource Development

Developing interactive and engaging courseware to help our customers achieve their learning goals.

Do any of these complaints sound familiar?

  • “Ugh, online training? It's so boring!”
  • “I don't have time to take a 2 hour course!”
  • “Nobody is completing their mandated training!”
  • “This course never works like it should - it's so frustrating!”
  • “This training looks like it was developed on a Tandy computer - it's so old fashioned!”

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Create custom training content for self-directed or blended learning.

We create highly engaging and interactive courseware for both online and offline delivery that supports multiple types of learning activities, including eLearning modules, instructor-led training, and blended approaches. Empower people to drive their own learning journey!

The SkillBuilder® Learning Team has a proven online development process.

Our Instructional Designers and eLearning Developers use a proven learning resource (course) development process that has been designed to reduce subject matter expert (SME) time and effort while continuing to ensure a first-class commercial product.

Transform the way learning is developed and delivered.

Ensure your learning objectives are met by working with our Instructional Designers to create engaging, relevant and effective learning experiences on any topic and in any industry.

Capture Subject Matter Expert (SME) intellectual capital.

You don’t want to lose the expertise that exists within your SMEs! Our Researchers and Instructional Designers can facilitate interviews that ensure your intellectual capital is captured and developed into meaningful content.

Our Learning Resource Development Process:

1. Complete Project Kick Off

The SkillBuilder® Team works with stakeholders and SMEs to determine the precise structure and requirements of the course.

2. Create Development Standards & Templates

The Standards and Design Guide describes how instructional content is to be developed.

3. Develop Learning Guidelines

Learning guides are developed for each identified learning resource. A learning guide documents the learning objectives and describes how learners will learn and be evaluated.

4. Complete Storyboards and Assessments

The storyboard template is the instrument used to package the content for online learning resource development. It helps the Instructional Designer, SME and stakeholders visualize how the learning resource will look and function when it is complete.

5. Complete Development

This is the process of taking the approved storyboard, graphics and other resources and developing the learning resource (i.e., eLearning module, facilitator guide, participant manual, job aid, presentation materials, etc.)

6. Complete Quality Assurance and Validation

At this stage, the learning resources are ready for internal testing, review, and validation. Learning resources are reviewed to ensure technical and instructional accuracy. An accessibility review is also completed.

7. Move Training Materials into Production

The approved learning resources are moved into the production environment. For example, online modules and assessments are uploaded into a learning management system and become available to learners.

8. Complete Pilot Project

A pilot is always recommended. The learning resources will be made available to all users after validation by the pilot group is complete.

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