Professional Accreditation

Professional accreditation is the certification of a course/program by a professional body, which allows successful learners to be admitted to practice a certain skill or become a member or associate of a professional body.

SkillBuilder® supports professional accreditation programs through:

  • Skill profiling
  • Learning process development
  • Program and curriculum development
  • Certification delivery, using SkillBuilder® LMS
  • Custom certificates and Open Badges
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Robust tracking and reporting features

Why SkillBuilder® for Professional Accreditation?

Learning Path

Organize your curriculum and evaluations into meaningful learning paths.

Custom Completion Certificates

Reward learners with branded certificates of completion.

Evaluations and Assessments

Evaluate learners using secure online tests, on-job evaluations and more

Open Badges

Allow learners to share their achievements on social media

Course Catalog

Create and personalize your training catalog so learners can browse, enroll and pay for courses.

Learning Reports

Track learners' progression as they complete their learning paths.

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