Tracking and Reporting

A key part of delivering a learning program is the ability to accurately track and report on what (and how!) your learners are doing.

SkillBuilder® delivers robust tracking and reporting

Learn how we can help optimize your reporting with fully customizable data that can track:

  • Downloads: What type of documents are of most interest to your learners? Are they taking full advantage of downloads and, if not, why not?
  • Online assessments: Customized performance reports on quizzes and final exams will tell you if there are knowledge gaps that are being missed in the training and tell you where your training content needs improvement.
  • Online certification completions: The SkillBuilder® LMS certification process can be automated to generate reports on learner certification and on learners who must recertify. The system can be configured to issue recertification alerts to learners whose certification is about to lapse and allow downloadable completion certificates.
  • Individual learner progress: Individualized learning paths allow learners to pursue their own objectives and content. Tracking progress on a learner-by-learner basis allows you to determine if learners are having issues with the material, the delivery method, or some other factor.

In addition to the customized reports mentioned above, SkillBuilder® LMS:

  • Exports data to your chosen program
  • Produces reports that are easy to read
  • Includes learning resources, with a support system that will help you gather exactly what you need from your reports

Why SkillBuilder® for Tracking and Reporting?

Exam Reports

Analyze exam performance to ensure reliability and validity of your tests.

Learning Item Reports

Report on who has completed particular learning, or who hasn't.

eCommerce Reports

Track purchases and generate revenue reports.

Learning Path Reports

Track learners' progression as they complete their learning path.

Data Exports

Pull raw data from the application's database into a .csv file for further reporting.

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