Skilling Up

Implementing a Competency-Based Learning Program

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You may be asking, what exactly is Skilling up? Put simply, “skilling up” is our way of talking about how you can strengthen educational and training initiatives at your workplace and improve individual team member performance.

We have distilled our decades of experience in the adult learning sector into this textbook, which provides A practical, hands-on approach to implementing a competency-based learning program within your organization.

Why competency-learning? This methodology benefits:

  • For organizations: Competency-based learning increases productivity, lowers training costs and standardizes performance across organizations
  • For individual learners: Learners are put in the driver seat, and allowed to achieve competency at their own pace, according to their individual needs, values, and goals

No matter what your training need, Skilling Up will be a valuable addition to your toolkit - introduce competency into your organization today!

Skilling up available in English only.

Skilling Up Book Image