How To Implement a Competency-Based Learning Program Project Plan

Delaney Caulfield

I'm thinking about implementing my own competency-based learning program plan at my organization, but how would it work?

Crafting a project plan may seem like an obvious first step in starting the journey toward implementing a competency-based learning program, but how exactly do you get started? There's a lot of different technologies to consider for project planning - it can be overwhelming starting from scratch and you might not have the time or resources to research the various options.

A highly skilled competency-based learning program implementation team can help work collaboratively with your stakeholders to design, develop, document, and implement your competency-based learning program. This team of experienced eLearning experts will be with you every step of the way, from an initial program assessment to complete rollout and delivery of your competency-based learning program.

How is a competency-based learning program project plan implemented?


The implementation team can assist with the development and execution of key components of the competency-based learning program plan, including:


The implementation team can help craft a description of the products or outcomes you're delivering through the implementation of your competency-based learning program. The development of consistent measurable training and competency-based learning outcomes is an example of a deliverable. These deliverables can be grouped by project phase.

Project Resources

All resources allocated within a project are listed, along with a detailed breakdown of project costs based on specific tasks, objectives, phases of the project and deliverables. Software programs, licensing costs and vendor fees are a few examples of the costs that might be included.

Timeline and schedule

For the organization obsessed, the project timeline and schedule presents a high-level look at the project deadlines, tasks, milestones, and deliverables needed to implement a competency-based learning program from inception to completion. All members of the team and stakeholders will have access to this document to stay apprized of the project's progress. The project timeline and schedule can be created as a basic bullet-point list, or as a more comprehensive and colourful Gantt chart. The timeline and schedule must contain certain elements, these include:

  • Start and end dates
  • Timelines for tasks
  • Ordered activities
  • Duration of tasks and activities
  • Measurements for task progress and duration

Project milestones


Any significant achievements you intend to accomplish throughout the project life cycle are listed and described. They can be tied to the beginning, or end, of a new phase and act as a marker for tracking progress. Receiving project approval or completion of a project kickoff meeting are examples of project milestones. The number of project milestones will depend on the scope and complexity of the competency-based learning program that's being implemented. Achieving a milestone is always worth celebrating.

Project manager control processes 

The project manager's most significant responsibilities that must be carried out when implementing a competency-based learning program will be listed here. Key control processes are outlined in the project plan and consist of the:

  • Change management strategy
  • Risk assessment
  • Development and change process
  • Communication plan

Moving forward with a competency-based learning program project plan

There are many elements, and many moving parts needed to implement a competency-based learning program project plan. You may have a capable team under your guidance ready to jump up and get started, or you may be considering whether you need to seek expert assistance.

As we'll go over in our next blog, regardless of your organization's capabilities, it can be extremely beneficial to have an experienced implementation team to help guide the process of implementing a competency-based learning program.

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