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Matthew Becker

For two decades, BaseCorp has been supporting the development, implementation, and evaluation of small- to large-scale learning solutions. Our learning experts use documented processes to build courseware and assessments that deliver against your learning objectives.

At BaseCorp, we create highly interactive, commercial grade courseware for both online and offline delivery that supports multiple types of learning activities, including eLearning modules, instructor-led training, and blended approaches.

I need help creating accessible eLearning. What should I do?

Our Learning Resource Development team is made up of Writers, Researchers, Instructional Designers, Graphic Artists, and Voice Actors who are continually monitoring accessibility standards to ensure we meet and exceed expectations in the learning materials we develop for our customers.

With a focus on plain language, every step we take in producing courseware is made with a focus on true accessibility - this means our eLearning is created to work with screen readers. Graphics are meaningful and presented with alt text, all colors used in the design process are run through an accessibility filter to ensure they are viewable and do not impact legibility of text, eLearning is designed with features to zoom text or adjust the speed of the narration, and so much more.

Our team is passionate about accessibility and making learning work for all learners - contact us today to see how we can help you do the same!


My learning content is already accessible, inclusive, and accommodating. What are my next steps?

If your learning content already meets accessibility standards, you will need a learning management system that supports learners with disabilities. SkillBuilder® LMS supports all types of learners, including those with visual, hearing, and cognitive impairments. SkillBuilder® is an easy to use, flexible, and competency-based system used to deliver engaging training programs that address your business needs.

SkillBuilder® LMS allows learners to access learning content and complete assessments through the internet on any modern computer or mobile platform anywhere, anytime. Customizable learning plans provide for personalized learning experiences.

For custom learning solutions and a learning management system that are both accessible and meet your business needs, contact BaseCorp today.

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Matthew Becker

Matthew applies his many years of experience in teaching, EdTech, and learning resource development to create engaging and meaningful learning experiences. As an Instructional Designer at BaseCorp, he is keen on leveraging educational technologies to help learners reach "Aha!" moments in new and exciting ways.