BitTitan Customer Success

BitTitan empowers IT service professionals with its industry-leading platform to successfully assess, deploy and manage cloud solutions through automation. Fully automated and 100% SaaS, BitTitan’s MigrationWiz product streamlines the migration process for their customers with no specialized training or professional services required.

The Challenge

BitTitan works with multiple value-added retailers for the sale, delivery and support of their MigrationWiz product. Wanting to ensure the best possible customer experience, they needed to provide their sales network with training and support. Their chosen learning management system (LMS) needed to support a worldwide audience and support their desire to group and categorize learning was critical to suit the different learning requirements of their distributors and end users.

BitTitan were also looking for a learning solution where learners could share their accomplishments using BitTitan-branded Open Badges on social media sites in order to enhance their marketing and sales efforts.

The solution

BitTitan created specialized videos instructing their distributors on how to sell and support their MigrationWiz product. These videos were then delivered using the unique content delivery capability in SkillBuilder® LMS. Using the SkillBuilder® LMS storefront, both distributors and end users are able to self-register and access training specific to their role and needs.

BitTitan also worked with the SkillBuilder Team to design and create an enhanced marketing functionality feature for Open Badges.

The results

Using SkillBuilder® LMS, BitTitan is able to provide instant access to specific information to support their value-added retailers worldwide. They continue to leverage the expertise of the SkillBuilder Team and their product and service offerings to grow their value-added reseller network.