5 Things SkillBuilder® LMS Can Do for Your Organization

Shauna Carson

With hundreds of learning management systems available, finding one that is a fit for your organization can be overwhelming. So, rather than speak in general terms about LMS features and benefits, I'm going to talk about what SkillBuilder® LMS can do for you.

Why SkillBuilder® LMS? Well:

  1. It's our product and
  2. We believe that it's the best LMS available!

What SkillBuilder® LMS Can Do for You

1. Make eCommerce Easier

In basic terms, eCommerce is not much different from traditional commercial transactions. A vendor has a product that he or she wishes to sell. That vendor needs to find customers who want to buy the product, so a marketing strategy is developed. Marketing helps connect the vendor to potential customers, some of whom will purchase the product. Product and payment are exchanged, and the transaction is completed.

SkillBuilder® LMS is a SaaS, Enterprise eCommerce platform, which is suited to large organizations and budgets. It provides accounting, eCommerce, order processing and other business functions. It can also:

  • Allow customers to pay for courses using PayPal, Moneris, Bambora, Stripe, AffiniPay or their preferred credit card
  • Create a variety of discount codes to support marketing initiatives
  • Accept payments in a variety of currencies

Taxes may be one of the biggest headaches for LMS users who want to market their courses globally. SkillBuilder® LMS cures that headache with its tax feature that allows an organization to set product taxes by jurisdiction. The system lets administrators configure the type of taxes included in any purchase from their storefront, based on their country and region. They appear on the purchaser's screen as shown below.


2. Deliver Multilingual Content

Training a global workforce means offering learning content in languages other than English. It also means that your LMS needs to be user-friendly in the language of its operator. An English-only LMS is not much use to an administrator who only speaks French.

SkillBuilder® LMS offers you a truly multilingual learning management system that functions fully in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese, allowing you to operate the system anywhere in the world. It can deliver content and reports in all four languages and it can be completely configured to fit the operational requirements of all users, administrators and learners, in any of those four languages.

3. Customize Reporting

Reports generated by your LMS are a key deliverable. They provide you with information you need to analyze and improve your workplace learning program. Good analytics and reports will help you fully leverage the benefits of your learning management system and ensure your training program is meeting the objectives and goals of your organization.

Your LMS must be able customize your reports to ensure that your LMS is creating the right reports and delivering them to the right people - they need to provide administrators at all levels with the data they require.

SkillBuilder® LMS reporting functions can be customized to meet all of your reporting requirements and provide data on:

  • Downloads - What type of documents are of most interest to your learners? Are they taking full advantage of downloads and, if not, why not?
  • Online assessments - Customized performance reports on quizzes and final exams will tell you if there are knowledge gaps that are being missed in the training and tell you where your training content needs improvement.
  • Logins - This data will tell you how many times (per week or per month) learners are logging in to their training programs. Login reports will also show how long, on average, it takes learners to complete a course.
  • Online certification completions - The SkillBuilder® LMS certification process can be automated to generate reports on learner certification and on learners who must recertify. The system can be configured to issue recertification alerts to learners whose certification is about to lapse and allow downloadable completion certificates.
  • Individual learner progress - Individualized learning paths allow learners to pursue their own objectives and content. Tracking progress on a learner-by-learner basis allows you to determine if learners are having issues with the material, the delivery method, or some other factor.

In addition to the customized reports mentioned above, SkillBuilder® LMS:

  • Exports data to your chosen program
  • Produces reports that are easy to read
  • Includes learning resources, with a support system that will help you gather exactly what you need from your reports

4. Increase Learner Engagement

Gamification improves work experience for 91% of employees. When you're looking for ways to drive employee engagement and motivation, gamification may be your answer. Gamification increases productivity levels for 90% of workers and increases awareness of coworkers' goals and tasks for 86%.

Instant rewards for achievement and a little competition make learning that much more fun. And, adults learn better when they have fun. Just like children, adults do learn through play. Gamified courses provide instant feedback content comprehension. Learners are shown how they are doing and where they need to improve. Gamification awards points or badges for achievement. Leaderboards can be used to show learner ranking by achievement, adding a competitive element to the learning.

SkillBuilder® LMS's gamification capability offers portable badges and points and can be configured to create leaderboards. It also allows administrators to use "tiers" so that every time a learner marks an achievement, for example, completing a learning item, passing an exam or moving up a tier, they receive a "fanfare" notification of what they have achieved. Learners may then read more about their achievements by clicking on the badge in their learning plan.


5. Deliver On-Demand Learning

Modern learners want on-demand learning, and that means it has to be mobile. We spend so much time with our phones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices that mobile learning has become a must for eLearning providers.

Mobile learning can be used everywhere, at the point of need. If you want your learning to be mobile, your learners need to be able to access your LMS from whatever platform they are using. It also has to consist of bite-sized chunks that are easy-to-use, concise and quickly digested. Mobile learning allows learners greater accessibility to learning at locations and times of their choosing. It also provides a perfect delivery method for those content chunks I spoke of earlier!

The responsive design of SkillBuilder® LMS's mobile capabilities allow learners to access the application on devices ranging from desktop computers to smartphones. Administrators also have mobile access through laptops, tablets and iPads.


There's a lot more that SkillBuilder® LMS can do for your organization. But, don't just take my word for it. Check out our features and see the full range of what we can offer you. Better yet, sign up for a trial run and let us show you what our LMS is capable of. We are certain you'll be impressed.

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Shauna Carson

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