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Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) is a long-term customer. Find out how the SkillBuilder team and STEC came to work together, and how our relationship has developed since the successful redevelopment and implementation of the Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) online program.

Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC)

The customer

The Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC) is an industry-driven organization that works with tourism operators, managers, employees, and educators to develop a professional tourism workforce in the province. Their educational programming includes, but is not limited to, Serve It Right Saskatchewan (SIRS) and CannaSell SK Responsible Cannabis Sales - two provincially provided responsible service programs.

The challenge

STEC was seeking a dynamic, interactive way to deliver SIRS to their expanding audience. SIRS was transitioning from a voluntary, industry-led program to a government mandated training intervention for all personnel involved in the sale or service of alcohol. STEC’s plans included moving from in-person delivery to an online model better suited to meet the needs of learners throughout the province.

The solution

The SkillBuilder team, which comprises Instructional Designers, Developers and IT experts, worked with STEC to identify a solution that would meet their needs and expectations. These included:

  • An engaging and interactive online course accessible to people throughout the province, including those in rural and remote locations who would have difficulty attending in-person learning events.
  • Seamless scalability. Upcoming regulatory changes meant the number of learners would rise dramatically over the years, after which demand would drop to a steady ongoing level. SkillBuilder® LMS adapts immediately to rapid changes in learner numbers.
  • Proof of successful completion. The final element of the course is an online, multiple-choice exam. When learners successfully complete the exam, they download a certificate to document their completion for employers and liquor inspectors.

The results

SIRS’ success proved to be the beginning of an ongoing relationship between STEC and BaseCorp. Our relationship has expanded to included other departments within Tourism Saskatchewan as we develop tourism and hospitality sector courses such as:

STEC and the SkillBuilder team continue to work together to develop training that meets new and newly identified needs, and to modernize the delivery and look and feel of existing courses.

STEC has over 91,000 registered users in SkillBuilder® LMS taking advantage of their wide range of course offerings, with 80,000 completions in the last 6 years.

SkillBuilder® LMS is a platform that gets better with each new release and update, providing a modern and professional environment for online training. It’s easy and efficient to set up courses and manage learners. The SkillBuilder team has exceptional expertise in creating solidly designed courses. SkillBuilder is a valued and indispensable partner. Without them, we couldn’t deliver the high-quality training our learners deserve.

   -Kari Burgess, Workforce Development Consultant Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC).


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