PelicanCorp Customer Success

The challenge

PelicanCorp is a niche provider of software and services to Utilities, Asset Owners and to the Before You Dig industry, specifically for the 'Protection of Essential Infrastructure'. PelicanCorp approached the SkillBuilder team inquiring about a Learning Management System (LMS) that could provide online training for excavators using their Call Before You Dig (CBYD) program.

PelicanCorp was looking for an application that could not only reach their diverse user groups but also integrate with their existing PelicanCorp application suite.

In addition to the LMS, PelicanCorp was looking for some guidance on how to best move their Call Before You Dig (CBYD) program online in multiple languages.

The solution

PelicanCorp licensed SkillBuilder® LMS and uses it to deliver their CBYD online program in both English and Spanish.

PelicanCorp was also able to use their internally developed learning resources (SCORM modules), which integrated smoothly with SkillBuilder® LMS.

The results

In response to industry needs, and in partnership with the SkillBuilder team, PelicanCorp has created an on demand, valuable online learning platform, arming their users with the up-to-date knowledge and tools they need to meet their day-to-day work demands.

The convenience of the program, leveraged by SkillBuilder® LMS, allows users to easily self-register, log on and complete the CBYD course, module by module.

With over 3,000 learners registered in CBYD’s convenient, self-paced safety course, SkillBuilder® LMS has enabled PelicanCorp to fulfil their mission to “provide… education to improve safety when excavating,”