The Municipal Law Enforcement Officers’ Association (MLEOA) Customer Success

The MLEOA is a non-profit professional Association representing Municipal Law Enforcement Officers throughout Ontario. Currently, the Association represents over 250 municipalities and over 2200 individual Municipal Law Enforcement Officers. The MLEOA develops, enhances and promotes the professional standards of municipal law enforcement and its officers through leadership, education, certification and advocacy.

The MLEOA provides a number of comprehensive educational opportunities to ensure Municipal Law Enforcement Officers have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively perform their duties. Education programs offered through the MLEOA are eligible for points towards MLEOA Certification.

The MLEOA were looking to diversify their course offering by providing an online delivery option which would better meet the needs of member in rural areas.

The Challenge

The MLEOA were delivering the majority of their courses using an in-person, classroom-based model. Not only did they want to update some of their courseware, but they wanted to better support a wider, more dispersed membership base, including individuals living in rural areas.

The Solution

The MLEOA engaged with the SkillBuilder Team to learn more about online delivery, ultimately choosing SkillBuilder® LMS as their online learning application. The SkillBuilder Team worked with the MLEOA to ensure their online courses were appropriately developed and structured in a meaningful way. SkillBuilder® LMS met all of the MLEOA’s requirements, including accessibility considerations, responsive design and the high level of security needed by MLEOA.

The Results

The MLEOA has been able to deliver complex multi-component courseware, including pre-course preparation and assessments, webinars, online courses, video content, assessments and final exams. Additionally, the majority of the MLEOA’s course offerings have now moved to an online delivery model using SkillBuilder® LMS, the functionality of which affords the MLEOA the opportunity to continue to expand and grow. Initial success has exceeded expectations, with over 250 course completions to date.