Lean Construction Institute (LCI) Customer Success

The challenge

The Lean Construction Institute (LCI) is a member-based organization whose mission is to transform the fragmented design and construction industry through lean thinking, tools and technology. LCI approached the SkillBuilder team, inquiring about an LMS that could capture their intellectual capital and standardize their course offerings.

LCI was also working with many facilitators, all experts in their fields, who offered seminars on a variety of topics. They wanted to both document the expertise of these facilitators and standardize their course content to ensure that they could offer all learners the same value, no matter which session they attended.

The solution

Initially, the SkillBuilder team attended the LCI facilitated workshops, recorded the sessions, and, using the SkillBuilder Learning Resource Development Process, created Learning Guides and Storyboards to capture the information. The SkillBuilder team then used this information to create facilitator guides, participant manuals and associated PowerPoint presentations. The information collected was also used to build high-end, interactive online courseware using the Articulate Suite.

In addition, LCI selected SkillBuilder® LMS to deliver their new online learning program to its members.

The results

LCI is now using these learning resources to deliver standardized courses developed from the distilled expertise of multiple facilitators to all their members throughout the United States.

SkillBuilder® LMS is also being leveraged to consistently sell and deliver a wide range of online courses to over 1,000 customers.