Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) Customer Success

The Alberta Motor Vehicle Industry Council (AMVIC) is Alberta’s automotive industry regulator. AMVIC is a public regulatory agency subject to the Alberta Public Agencies Governance Act (APAGA) and accountable to the Government of Alberta through the Ministry of Service Alberta. AMVIC provides consumer protection in Alberta’s motor vehicle industry through mandatory licensing for motor vehicle businesses and salespeople as required by the Consumer Protection Act of Alberta and provides a fair marketplace for automotive consumers and businesses.

As part of their licensing requirements, motor vehicle salespeople are required to complete specified courseware and an evaluation component to demonstrate their competence in the industry.

The Challenge

AMVIC already had online learning resources, however, their LMS provider was leaving the industry. They needed to rapidly implement a new learning management system and ensure that their current courseware was compatible.

The solution

AMVIC connected with the SkillBuilder Team and were able to confirm courseware compatibility and that the solution could be implemented quickly. AMVIC had some unique reporting and implementation requirements, such as needing SkillBuilder® LMS to integrate with their existing storefront and association management system (AMS) and strict expiry and recertification timelines that had to be tracked.

The results

Working with the SkillBuilder Team, AMVIC was able to customize and enable SkillBuilder® LMS, set up their courseware and evaluation instruments, and connect their existing storefront and AMS to deliver their program to thousands of salespeople in a timely manner.

After the initial rollout, AMVIC worked with the SkillBuilder Team to design and create an enhanced functionality feature for exam attempts that is now used by many customers.