AMO Customer Success

The Challenge

AMO’s primary goal with their training program was expansion. Due to geographic issues and time constraints, it was difficult to provide training opportunities for their membership. While AMO needed another avenue for education, it was hard to get stakeholders on board with the idea of eLearning since there were concerns about network access in some of the northern communities serviced by their association.

The Roadblocks

Before they began their eLearning journey, there were concerns that online learning would not be successful because:

  • “It’s too difficult to do online training”
  • “People learn better face-to-face”
  • “People prefer the social aspect a classroom setting provides”
  • “Not everyone will have access to the bandwidth needed to support a sophisticated eLearning program”
  • “People don’t trust online payments”

If you’re thinking of introducing eLearning for the first time, you may be hearing similar comments. Nonetheless, working with a hands-on organization like BaseCorp has a distinct advantage. Our team takes the time to really listen to your concerns, and will give you the resources you need to reassure not only yourself, but also your stakeholders, that eLearning can be an extremely valuable tool in your training arsenal.

The Solution

Our team ensured that Navneet had all the information she needed to understand what AMO could expect as they implemented their own educational institute. The one-on-one attention gave her the confidence to know she was making the right decision moving to eLearning, and convince her stakeholders that the program would be a success.

There was a lot of internal learning that had to go on, and BaseCorp held our hands throughout the process.

Navneet Dhaliwal

Working with AMO’s subject matter experts, BaseCorp developed interactive and engaging learning resources and courses.

In addition, we ensured AMO was kept up to date with new versions of SkillBuilder®, and they have successfully adopted and leveraged new features as they have been introduced.

The Results

AMO continues to be happy with their decision to work with BaseCorp, and adds to their ever-growing eLearning roster every year. They currently offer multiple online courses.

Partnering with BaseCorp has allowed AMO to more effectively and efficiently spread their training to a dispersed community of learners.


At BaseCorp, we work with non-profit associations, government agencies and private sector organizations of all sizes. Every customer has its own unique challenges and roadblocks, and we pride ourselves on looking at the big picture.

Contact our team members with your questions or concerns, take advantage of a free demo to become more familiar with what SkillBuilder® LMS can do, and/or download our resources to optimize your search for the right LMS. At BaseCorp, we are passionate about helping you find the right solution for you, and we provide the tools to make this happen.

BaseCorp’s flexibility and agility give us our competitive advantage; the knowledge that we are only as successful as our least happy customer is what motivates us to bring our best to every project.